Current Projects

SSFTX Outreach Coalition (Remote Volunteer Opportunity)

Remote SSFTX volunteers who are a part of this project identify advocacy organizations, free/low-cost health clinics, pro-bonolegal aid, counseling services, and other resources in their own communities across the U.S.


Volunteers support migrant and refugee families with transportation assistance and accompaniment to medical and mental health appointments, ICE check-ins, social service appointments, mental health sessions, etc. upon their arrival in their perspective city.

In addition, they will recruit like-minded & compassionate individuals to build a SSFTX network and assist with accompaniment & support to families.

Coalitions have already been identified and created in Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Seattle, WA, Boston, MA, New York City, NY, and Durham, NC.

Please fill out an online application and email for more information.