Projects & Opportunities


SSFTX Shower Project

SSFTX is partnering with the Interfaith Welcome Coalition, the City of San Antonio, and the Travis Park Church to provide showers to families in transit.

Showers are provided every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of each week.


Donation Management Team

SSFTX needs your assistance with donation pick-ups/drop-offs, packing, sorting, organizing, washing clothes, etc.


SSFTX Medical Task Force

SSFTX Medical Task Force is a group of compassionate, culturally competent, and Spanish-speaking health care providers of various specialties committed to improving the overall health of recently arrived migrant and refugee families.


SSFTX Outreach Coalition (Remote Volunteer Opportunity)

Remote SSFTX volunteers who are a part of this project identify advocacy organizations, free/low-cost health clinics, pro-bonolegal aid, counseling services, and other resources in their own communities across the U.S.